The Right Make Up for Any Occasion

In order to enhance our features and hide our flaws, women have relied on makeup for centuries. There are some women who absolutely live for makeup and others who simply choose not to wear it, which is everyone’s right to choose.

When it comes to wearing makeup, however, it’s important to know how and when to wear the most appropriate looks. After all, just like with clothing, there is a time and place for everything.

the right makeup for any occasion

Natural/Casual Look

This is a look that can be used on the daily for being at home, going to work, running errands, etc. You may not want a full face of makeup on, but a little bit can protect your skin and leave you looking bright eyed and bushy tailed.

You can use a tinted-moisturizer or a light foundation to even out your skin tone and add a little blush for rosy cheeks. Place a little concealer under your eyes if you need to, because it can make you look more youthful. Add a little mascara to define your eyes and lip-gloss to brighter your lips and you are good to go!

Professional Look

Depending on your job, you may need to wear more makeup than the natural look in order to be appropriate for the work place.

As usual, start with foundation, concealer and a light blush. Make sure to set your makeup with powder. You can use earth tones for your eye make-up and be sure to use a little eye liner and mascara to have your eyes well defined. You can finish it off with an earth tone or light pink lipstick and you will be well put together.

Evening/Sexy Look

For an evening look, you can add a little more drama and color to your face. You can focus on so sultry eyes or add some drama with an intense lip color.

For an evening look, you should start off with prepping your face with moisturizer and primer to make sure your make up lasts all night long. You can wear a full coverage foundation in order to eliminate all of your imperfections and even use different shades of concealer, foundation and bronzer in order to contour your face.

If you want to focus on your eyes, there’s nothing sexier than a smokey eye. Be sure to use different shades of gray and black eye shadow to darken your eyes. Finish the look off with black eye liner and mascara.

If you prefer to show off your pouty lips, you can do a neutral eye and a pop of red or vibrant pink for your lips. Before applying your lip color, however, use a sugar scrub on your lips to remove any dead skin and allow the color on your lips to shine through without any unsightly peeling.

Party Look

Makeup is meant to be fun! But, for professional occasions or simply running errands during the daytime, you may not be able to fully express your personality with your makeup. For a fun party or night out with your friends, be sure to experiment and even walk a little on the wild side.

Cleanse, prep and prime your face. You can follow the same steps that you would for an evening look in order to have a completely blank canvas that is long-lasting so that your makeup will stay on no matter how much you sweat and party.

Experiment with bright shades and colors on your eyes, cheeks and lips. You can use hot pinks, blues, purples and so much more. Additionally, you can use glitter colors, shimmering blush and even fake eye-lashes to bring out the more fun side of you. Honestly, the only limits are your imagination!

Now that you are prepped with the knowledge for the right makeup for any occasion, experiment with the looks and make them all your own.

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