My experience with The Ultimate Abs Stimulator from Ijoobi

Ijoobi is an online store specializing in selling of fitness accessories. It offers some devices to firm abdominal muscles, such as the Ultimate Abs Stimulator. An abdominal that is ideal for abdominal muscle strengthening. In addition to boosting your abdominals, firming your belly and promoting muscle tone, this belt also promises a quick and easy fitness.

On this model, 5 programs are proposed as well as 40 different intensity levels to perfectly meet the needs of each user. Equipped with EMS technology, this belt stimulates both lateral muscles. This belt uses EMS technology that allows you to simply tone, sculpt and refine the silhouette by an impulse sending system that will allow muscles to work by contraction. It is even possible to follow-up of your progression with this abdominal belt. For more information on this electrostimulation belt, here is just below, my personal test and full review.

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What is my personal experience of this Ultimate Abs Stimulator?

I had already heard about the Ultimate Abs Stimulator. But I had never had the opportunity to test it until today. After reading its features on, I also noticed that the various comments posted on this model were positive overall. Once convinced, I wanted to try this model to make my own opinion.

A belt delivered with all the necessary parts

As I mentioned before, I ordered my abdominal belt on Ijoobi and when my order has been delivered, I found a very complete package containing:

  • The Ultimate Abs Stimulator that adapts to women and men,
  • Two extra electrodes to work other areas of the body such as thighs or arms,
  • An extension for the belt for a perfect adaptation to the morphology of its user,
  • A user manual available in several languages to understand the operation of this belt,
  • A pouch to store and / or carry your belt without damaging it,
  • A programmable timer with its support directly integrated into the belt,
  • One year warranty and a money back guarantee.

This abdominal belt is delivered with all the equipment necessary for a good training.

I also appreciated that this model is perfectly ergonomic. It is light, comfortable, and also very discreet. I could wear this belt under a sweater or tee-shirt without anyone noticing. So, whether I am at home or away, I could put my belt and exercise discreetly!

The ideal equipment for a perfect fitness

After analyzing this electrostimulation belt from all angles, we started to test it. It is very simple to use it and to start it up. Two major points that I particularly appreciated, because I did not need to spend long hours on the manual before understanding the way it works. Indeed, when I put this abdominal belt around the waist (at the beginning, small tingling surprised us, but over time, we got used to it), I did not need to make any further adjustments since the four electrodes are placed directly on the places of the place of the body you want to work. The only point to check was that these electrodes are in good contact with the skin. Once this check was done, I was set and able to start my fitness training! For this, we simply selected a program among the 5 proposed and selected the level of intensity among the 40 suggested.

The Ultimate Abs Stimulator belt is suitable for anyone with a waist circumference between 75 and 140 cm. If you have a larger waistline, an extension is included in the package. In addition to the work of the muscles, we also noticed, during our test, that this belt also improves postures and protects the back when we sit for a long time. This belt, which operate with 3 AAA batteries is also ideal for relieving sore muscles and improving their flexibility. It is also a valuable help to maintain muscle capacity in case of immobilization.

I wore this lap Ultimate Abs Stimulator about 2 hours a day. With this accessory, we wanted to refine our belly and tone our muscles. For best and sustainable results, however, I have adopted a healthy and varied diet, as the brand suggests. Given its many features, the price of this abdominal belt was very interesting.

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