How to Apply a Facial Concealer Properly

With your middle finger, apply a few corrective dots to the dark areas of your skin. Use an eye shadow to lighten the expression lines you want to conceal.

Select a concealer, either cream or tube, that is two shades lighter than the natural color of your skin. The most popular ones come in tube form and are very easy to apply.

If needed, apply concealer to dark circles (if you have bags under your eyes). It can also be applied under the nostrils, under the edges of the mouth and in the fold of the chin. If the inner edge of the eye and the bridge of the nose have color flaws, you can also use concealer in those areas.

Be sure to use this light cream only on dark areas. Mix carefully with your middle finger, applying it with very light pats to the lower eye region.

If smile lines or other expression lines bother you, a very effective trick is to draw on them. With a sharp eye pencil, which is a few shades lighter than your skin, or with a thin brush apply color to those lines. Make sure the line you draw is as thin as the expression line. Do not mix it; when you apply the base, it will fade the lines.

If you have bags under your eyes, apply a shading cream to the contour in a darker shade than your base and use the concealer, either cream or pencil, on the wrinkle that forms just below the bag.

After the base, it may be necessary to re-apply the concealer to further clarify certain points. Pour it carefully so that this reapplication fades into the base. The concealer should not be too thick because it may become pasty after applying the powder.

The concealer can also be used for freckles or color flaws in the skin of the chest and hands. Place concealer dots in the area, mix a little bit of base over them and finish with translucent powder for the face.

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