The Right Make Up for Any Occasion

In order to enhance our features and hide our flaws, women have relied on makeup for centuries. There are some women who absolutely live for makeup and others who simply choose not to wear it, which is everyone’s right to choose.

When it comes to wearing makeup, however, it’s important to know how and when to wear the most appropriate looks. After all, just like with clothing, there is a time and place for everything.

the right makeup for any occasion

Natural/Casual Look

This is a look that can be used on the daily for being at home, going to work, running errands, etc. You may not want a full face of makeup on, but a little bit can protect your skin and leave you looking bright eyed and bushy tailed.

You can use a tinted-moisturizer or a light foundation to even out your skin tone and add a little blush for rosy cheeks. Place a little concealer under your eyes if you need to, because it can make you look more youthful. Add a little mascara to define your eyes and lip-gloss to brighter your lips and you are good to go!

Professional Look

Depending on your job, you may need to wear more makeup than the natural look in order to be appropriate for the work place.

As usual, start with foundation, concealer and a light blush. Make sure to set your makeup with powder. You can use earth tones for your eye make-up and be sure to use a little eye liner and mascara to have your eyes well defined. You can finish it off with an earth tone or light pink lipstick and you will be well put together.

Evening/Sexy Look

For an evening look, you can add a little more drama and color to your face. You can focus on so sultry eyes or add some drama with an intense lip color.

For an evening look, you should start off with prepping your face with moisturizer and primer to make sure your make up lasts all night long. You can wear a full coverage foundation in order to eliminate all of your imperfections and even use different shades of concealer, foundation and bronzer in order to contour your face.

If you want to focus on your eyes, there’s nothing sexier than a smokey eye. Be sure to use different shades of gray and black eye shadow to darken your eyes. Finish the look off with black eye liner and mascara.

If you prefer to show off your pouty lips, you can do a neutral eye and a pop of red or vibrant pink for your lips. Before applying your lip color, however, use a sugar scrub on your lips to remove any dead skin and allow the color on your lips to shine through without any unsightly peeling.

Party Look

Makeup is meant to be fun! But, for professional occasions or simply running errands during the daytime, you may not be able to fully express your personality with your makeup. For a fun party or night out with your friends, be sure to experiment and even walk a little on the wild side.

Cleanse, prep and prime your face. You can follow the same steps that you would for an evening look in order to have a completely blank canvas that is long-lasting so that your makeup will stay on no matter how much you sweat and party.

Experiment with bright shades and colors on your eyes, cheeks and lips. You can use hot pinks, blues, purples and so much more. Additionally, you can use glitter colors, shimmering blush and even fake eye-lashes to bring out the more fun side of you. Honestly, the only limits are your imagination!

Now that you are prepped with the knowledge for the right makeup for any occasion, experiment with the looks and make them all your own.

Do you need hair vitamins?

For a hair to be beautiful and healthy external care is not enough. Hair vitamins are important for beauty and natural health. And it is that our hair reflects very clearly the state of health that we have.

A dehydrated person wears parched and parched hair. If the person has malnutrition its hair becomes bright copper color and if he has liver problems or chronic diseases, the hair tends to fall.vitamins for hair

How do you know if you need vitamins for hair?

It is very simple. All women need to give vitamins and special care to their hair. It is because this is always subjected to constant heat and mistreatment. If you want healthy and beautiful hair, you must take care of it.

How to give you the vitamins you need?

There are two different ways to give you the vitamins and nutrients you need. You must know what they are, and what is the most effective. The most important thing is that you know how to do it and start to nourish it.

Many women are dedicated to using dyes and chemicals to alter and improve the appearance of their hair. But they do nothing to make that beauty natural and maintained. When you use chemicals, bleaches and heat mistreatment, the hair needs to recover and regenerate.

The vitamins you receive through a balanced diet

Yes, eating lots of fruits and vegetables makes your hair receive a relatively good dose of vitamins and minerals, but this may not be enough for a strong, beautiful hair.

The foods that most benefit the beauty of your hair are: papaya, orange, gelatin, liver, garlic, wine, spinach. Also remember that water is vital. It is beneficial to the whole body and therefore also to have beautiful hair.

 Also take vitamin supplements

Vitamin supplements are made to complement a balanced diet. The more fruits and vegetables you consume, sometimes they are not absorbed correctly by the body. The best vitamins you can offer your hair are: Vitamin D, vitamin C, zinc, folic acid, iron and collagen.

You can also take dietary supplements specifically created to nourish your hair. One vitamin for hair highly recommended by specialists is Nuviante. It contains natural ingredients that stimulate the growth of healthy and strong hair.

Nourishing masks

You can provide nutrients externally, making natural face masks with fruits and vitamins to absorb externally, that go straight to the scalp. The best ingredients to make nutritious masks are: Papaya, eggs, bananas, olive oil, coconut oil and strawberries.

In short, any fruit can provide nourishment to your hair. It is a matter of exploring and testing different combinations. All will benefit you.

Vitamins are needed at all times

To conclude, hair vitamins are necessary and extremely important. You already know how to give them to keep it always soft, beautiful and healthy, do not overlook the importance of this and always keep it in mind.

What is the best treatment to grow hair?

Getting a really effective treatment to grow hair is tricky. Not always the treatments that exist work. This happens because each organism is different. There are also different reasons why hair growth slows down.

If you know the reasons why your hair does not grow as fast as you want, or for some reason you are falling, then you will see options to reverse this. Pay attention and try them, they can be very treatment to grow hair

Why is your hair falling out?

The main reason hair falls are as follows:

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Medical treatments
  • Hormonal changes
  • Some type of alopecia
  • Genetic predisposition
  • Bad nutrition
  • Consumption of drugs
  • Abuse of chemical treatments and dryers
  • Chronic dandruff

If you know the reason why your hair is falling, or it takes a long time to regrow, then it is recommended to apply some of the treatments that we suggest. They are all effective. But remember that however good they are, the hair takes time to grow.

This means that as much as these treatments accelerate the growth process, you will not see drastic and flashy results in less than 3 months. So do not look for immediacy, since with the subject of hair this does not exist.

Treatment to grow the hair naturally

This treatment to grow hair is very effective and recommended. It is about making an onion juice. Yes, just as it sounds. The onion has a lot of sulfur and this helps to stimulate the blood flow. When applied directly on the scalp, hair is likely to grow faster.

The onion is also effective in treating dandruff, as it eliminates fungi and bacteria. The onion treatment is very easy to make, this is what you need: onion juice.

Blend the onion and the juice you apply directly on the scalp. Scrub for a few minutes and let it act for about 20 minutes.

Food supplements

By taking natural nutritional supplements, you also effectively stimulate the scalp to grow hair. You can take B vitamins, zinc, folic acid and collagen. These specific elements directly stimulate hair growth.

You can also opt for complete dietary supplements, which are specially designed to stimulate hair growth. One very popular which the specialists recommend is Nuviante.

The important thing is that you consume it regularly. It will not only accelerate the growth of your hair, but it will also make your nails grow and will give your skin a brighter and healthier appearance.

Remember to drink water

Water is life, and the more glasses of water you take each day the better you will feel. If you are looking to lose weight, water is your best ally. If you want a more beautiful skin, water is the best, and if you want stronger hair, there is nothing better than water.


Do not hesitate to try these treatments and advices. They are simple and effective. Try them out and then tell us how you’re doing. Of all these treatments, the juice of onions as a treatment to grow hair is very effective. It smells a little bad, but it is worth doing.

What natural hair treatment is the most effective?

Are you looking for a natural hair treatment to make it look more beautiful or healthy? Or do you want to keep it from falling and growing healthier and stronger?

Then you will know a series of natural treatments that will not only make your hair look shine bright, but it will also save you a lot of money on pharmacy products.

To make these treatments even more effective and your hair healthy from the inside out, you can take Nuviante. It is a natural food supplement that prevents hair loss and nourishes it from the inside. This allows it to grow strong and not fall treatments diy

Hair treatment with yogurt

For this treatment you will need the following ingredients:

  • Half a cup of Greek yogurt
  • Egg
  • Two tablespoons of vinegar
  • A splash of olive oil

Mix all the ingredients and apply from the root and wrap with a towel. We let it act for an hour and we removed with abundant cold water. Apply once a week to have healthier hair and cut with excess fat on the scalp.

Treatment with red onions

This treatment is one of the most effective there is. Although its preparation requires a month of fermentation to make it work, it’s worth a try.

  • Two red onions chopped into pieces
  • A neutral shampoo (preferably for babies)
  • 5 drops of poppy essence

In a glass jar (with hermetic lid) put the chopped onions into pieces. Mix them with the shampoo for babies. Shake strongly and let stand for a month in a dry place and in the shade. During the month, try stirring once a week to make sure the ingredients are fusing well.

When the month has passed, apply the 5 drops of poppy essence to give it a pleasant aroma. Use it once a week and you will notice how the hair grows healthier and stronger.

Aloe Vera Treatment

  • Half a cup of beer
  • Aloe vera
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil

Mix all ingredients and apply throughout the hair. Let stand for 40 minutes and wash with plenty of water. Apply it every 15 days.

Coconut Oil Treatment

Coconut oil is moisturizing, regenerating and extremely nutritious. You do not need to apply anything else. With 5 drops of coconut oil at the tips of your hair you will have healthier, hydrated and stronger tips.

Coconut oil also works as a moisturizer for the contour of the eyes, skin and to eliminate dryness in the soles of the feet.

Treatment of coconut oil and lemon

  • Coconut oil
  • Lemon

Mix one tablespoon of coconut oil with half a spoonful of lemon juice. Apply it throughout the hair to revitalize it, works to remove dandruff.


With this list of hair treatment, you will notice great improvements and beautiful and healthy hair. Do not hesitate to test them and look more beautiful without spending extra money.

The Most Common Mistakes When Using False Eyelashes

The false eyelashes are an aesthetic accessory that when are used correctly, can look very beautiful and highlight the beauty of your makeup and eyes. But on the other hand, not knowing how to use them can have catastrophic results.

In this article we will discuss the most common mistakes when using false eyelashes and how you can avoid them. There are cases of girls who have run out of eyelashes for using inappropriate or dangerous products.false eyelashes reviews

How to know what type of false eyelashes you should wear

The false eyelashes come in all sizes and colors. You just have to choose the look you want to achieve, if you want them to look natural or very elaborate.  It can also depend if you want to complement day look or night look.

Having already chosen the model, it is time to look for a good quality and anti-allergic glue. By using improper glue, you can lose your eyelashes when removing the inserts.

If you have already experienced the fall of your eyelashes, you can use products designed to stimulate their growth. The leading cosmetic in this area is Nuviante Eyelash Enhancer. It is a treatment that stimulates the growth of abundant, long and strong lashes.

You can reuse your eyelashes up to 10 times. But so that you do not run the risk of infections, you must clean them correctly with make-up remover. Then sprinkle them with some absolute alcohol and let them dry in the sun.

What should not be done with false eyelashes?

As we said before, you should not use any glue. This can cause your natural eyelashes to sag. In addition, it is possible that you generate injuries in your eyelids and that these become infected.

Do not choose to stick the lashes semi-permanently. In recent years this cosmetic treatment has become very popular. In hair salons and aesthetics they offer you to glue the eyelashes one by one on your eyelid. This way they will look completely natural and you do not have to waste time in makeup.

What they do not tell you is that this cosmetic procedure is slowly damaging the eyelid and knocking down your natural eyelashes. This happens because of the weight of the false eyelashes and the type of glue they use to last for a long time.

In short, these permanent false eyelashes are a serious mistake. When you decide not to continue putting them you will notice that you have practically gone without natural eyelashes.

Do not use a false eyelash without proper washing. The eye is a very delicate organ and can cause a terrible infection due to lack of hygiene.

Also do not apply mascara over the eyelash after it has been glued, this can pull it and make it fall.

In addition to this, do not make the mistake of applying the false lashes without letting the glue sit a little. Otherwise the tab will not paste correctly.


Using false eyelashes is an alternative that gives a very cute and special. You only need to use them correctly, this way they will look beautiful and favor you, all without worrying about infections and discomforts.

Are diet pills good for weight loss?

The eternal dilemma about diet pills is the question: whether they work or not. Most of them turn out to be an absurd scam, or worse – they are harmful chemicals that make you thin, but at the same time make you sick.

Let’s analyze a little about this topic, when it is recommended to take these pills and which are really effective. In this way you will clarify some doubts about the matter. The important thing is that you do not put your health at risk just because you want to lose a couple of pills that work

Cannot lose weight effortlessly?

Many people choose to take “miracle” products that promise to make you lose weight, without moving a finger. Some products assure you to burn calories, others talk about speeding up the metabolism and others promise to expel the fat through the urine.

In short, there are thousands of products that exist and so many promises, that it is easy to fall into the temptation to buy a couple of jars just to try luck.

If you want to lose weight, the first thing you need to understand and accept is that you cannot lose weight healthily if you do not strive to do what is necessary. You must change your lifestyle, your way of feeding and even your way of thinking.

Are there any effective diets pills?

Yes, they exist and not all are good or recommendable. That a pill can make you lose 10 kilograms in a month does not mean that it is good. These types of pills that work at the same time are doing you harm in some way, because they alter your digestive system, causing cardiovascular problems and even depression.

The worst thing about these effective pills is that when you stop taking them the weight you lost while you consumed them (regardless of the time), it returns and even increases.

On the other hand, if you are in process of losing weight with a balanced diet and exercising regularly, then you can try the diet pills made from natural ingredients.

If they are organic pills and free of chemicals, these can have a favorable effect for your body. So, losing weight can be less difficult. The most recommended are those with Garcinia Cambogia as its main ingredient.

It is always important to seek the help of professionals

You may think that is impossible to lose weight, that diets do not work and that pills are a scam. In this situation it is extremely important and necessary that you go not only to a nutritionist, but also to seek psychological help.

Obesity can be a problem not just for the looks. It can also affect the way you view the world and socialize. Do not let this control you. Focus on losing weight, learning first to love yourself as you are so that you can focus on seeing yourself better.


Now you know everything about diet pills. This implies that you know which ones to avoid and which ones you can take as a dietary supplement. This will help you to stimulate weight loss. Anyway, remember that it will do no good if you do not put yourself on your side and change your habits.

Learn 3 simple exercises for losing weight

The key to losing weight is in putting the body to work. Physical activity will cause your body to burn calories and will gradually get rid of the accumulated fat. Know the best 3 exercises for losing weight. In this article we tell you what they are.

On the other hand, you must learn to eat. A balanced diet will be essential to make the body formed and weight loss to be effective. The important thing is to change.

Before learning these exercises, it is advisable to consider dietary supplements that can be beneficial for weight loss. The best on the market are Anabolic Rx24 and Nitric Max Muscle.exercises for losing weight around waist

1st Exercise: Walking

This exercise for weight loss is about walking. Yes, as simple as it sounds. Walking can make you lose weight in a simple, practical and economical way.

For the walking to be pleasant, you must take into account the following details:

  • Wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing
  • Apply sunscreen (if you walk by day)
  • You will need comfortable, sturdy shoes
  • Music
  • Water

You just need these requirements to get you going. Start by knowing your rhythm. Do not try to accelerate too much. To be an effective exercise, you need to walk at a fast and steady pace for minimum of 5 to 40 minutes a day.

If this exercise pleases you, then you will gradually increase your speed and your abilities will improve. Without realizing it you will not be walking, but jogging and then running.

If you have not noticed, marathoners are extremely thin people whose body fat is far below normal. If you do not want to get to that thin end, you can alternate with routines in the gym.

2nd Exercise: Crossfit

Crossfit is a type of fully functional exercise, where you work with body weight. In each workout, up to 6 different routines are combined and characterized by high intensity and less than one minute rest in routine change.

This exercise has become very popular all over the world as it gets to work every muscle in the body. In addition, the results from these exercises for losing weight are seen almost immediately, but you also gain resistance and muscles.

To do crossfit you need practically the same requirements as when you are going to a walk.

3rd Exercise: Dancing

Dancing, as weight-loss exercises, is extremely effective, fun and de-stressing. The dance routines are extremely demanding,. The body works full blast for more than an hour and if you are very focused on music, you do not realize how much you are exercising.

You can go to zumba classes or dance therapy (these are the most popular). The important thing is that you be consistent, and adopt it as a routine.


You do not need to pay large sums of money with inscriptions to the gym. There are many exercises for losing weight, you can do without spending too much money. The important thing is that you want to do it and commit yourself to comply with yourself.

What Is Erectile Dysfunction and How Can It Be Cured?

Erectile dysfunction is the inability of man to maintain an erection. It can occur for multiple reasons such as: stress, decreased testosterone production, old age or drug abuse, among others.

Just as there are different reasons, there are also different treatments to attack the problem and reverse it. In some cases you will need medical treatments and in others it will be enough to modify a little diet and lifestyle.erectile dysfunction pills

How common is erectile dysfunction?

If you think that erectile dysfunction is something that is only happened to you, you should know that 50% of men suffer or have suffered at some stage in their life from this disorder. It not only affects older men, it can affect men of any age.

Erectile dysfunction is closely related to other diseases like: diabetes, hypertension and obesity.

Best Natural Treatments and Techniques for Curing Erectile Dysfunction

Below are techniques and treatments that can be very effective in curing erectile dysfunction. Before testing, it is best to consult with a doctor and discard possible collateral diseases that may be causing this problem.

Increased testosterone production

Testosterone occurs mainly in the testicles. This is pumped throughout the body and is responsible for assigning certain characteristics to the male sex. These include sexual appetite and sperm production.

If testosterone production is stimulated naturally, then erectile dysfunction is reduced. There are different ways to stimulate the production of this hormone naturally. These are the most effective:

1- Natural nutritional supplements: These natural supplements are used by people who want to increase their muscle mass. One of the safest and most effective is Anabolic Rx24.

2- Losing weight: Being overweight hampers the production of testosterone, so it is recommended to increase physical activity to stimulate blood flow and production of this hormone.

3- Greater sexual activity: yes, the more sex and more stimulation in the testicular area, the greater the testosterone production. If you cannot have ejaculations long enough to have intercourse, try masturbating at least once a day.

4- Increase the zinc consumption: consumption of zinc has been shown to have excellent benefits for increased testosterone production. Consume foods loaded with this mineral or if you want, you can choose to take zinc capsules.


Masculinity is directly related to sexuality and sexual appetite. These aspects are very important for man in general. If your sexual capacity is reduced, your self-esteem can be affected and different problems can be generated.

If you suffer from erectile dysfunction, it is important that you seek help and solutions for this problem. To shut it up because of shame will only emanate the situation. Ignoring that something that is happening in your body and is not making you live fully will not make it better. It will only cause you more problems.

Learn to Take Care of Your Face Skin Naturally

The face is our presenting card. It is the first thing that people notice when they meet you and this is why it should look nice and hydrated. If you do not know how to take care of your face, then this article can be very useful for you. You will know several excellent tips and recommendations that will make you look beautiful and radiant.

Having a nice face and reflecting health is something simple. Start by loving yourself as you are, and learn to highlight your natural beauty. No use will be made of makeup and possible cosmetic changes if you do not take care of your face properly.Take Care of Your Face Skin

What does the skin on my face needs?

It is simple. The skin of the face needs balance. This is achieved knowing the type of skin you have, and the type of product that will benefit you. It also depends on your age. Here I briefly explain how the need for your skin changes over the years:

 Take Care of Your Face if you are a Teenage

During adolescence, the skin needs special care. Whether it is oily or dry skin, you need to buy products that match your age. If you buy creams for mature skin, it is likely that your skin will become greasy and with acne.

Usually the skin of a teenager needs anti-fat products, to prevent acne or to cure it. At this stage, care should be taken and cleaning it is important to avoid producing more fat than is naturally necessary.

The skin of a young woman’s face

The care of the skin of a woman between the 20 and 30 years needs to focus on two important things. It should stay beautiful and prevent future wrinkles. This is achieved with creams and products according to age and the needs of the skin type.

Knowing what type of skin you have: greasy, dry or mixed, you can choose the product that most benefits you, so the results are much more effective.

During this stage, one of the most important tips is the use of sunscreen. This not only prevents blemishes and wrinkles, but it can also save you from developing skin cancer. The sunscreen should be used no matter where you go, either to the beach or to walk.

The skin of the face during adulthood

At the moment of passing the 30 years, the skin of the face loses brilliance and elasticity. At this stage, the woman should pay more attention to the care of this with anti-wrinkle creams. You should also consider using face bleach, especially for dark circles and eye bags.

There is a very effective and popular treatment that many women decide to try. His results are very good and that’s why he has great fame. This cream is called BellaVei and is on sale through its official website.

Always look for natural products to care for the skin of the face

The more natural the treatment you use, the more benefits you will have from it. Not to mention that there is a much lower risk of suffering side effects caused by these treatments. If you do not accustom to take care of the skin of the face, then it is time that you begin to do it. It is never too late to give the best care and affection to your face.

Does BellaVei Really Work?

BellaVei cream has gained a lot of fame lately. Everyone wants to try it and assure themselves that it is almost miraculous. Is this a product of good publicity or is it really as good as they say it is? Let’s take a look at their properties and benefits. In this way it is possible to have a clear idea about whether it is effective or not.BellaVei Skin Care

What care does facial skin need?

The aging of the skin is something that no one escapes. Over the years, unprotected sun exposure and the neglect of many women, made this aging premature. It is highlighted by lines of expression and spots before reaching the 30.

So that these factors do not affect the beauty of your skin, you must learn to care for it with the best products. It is necessary to prevent premature aging and to erase the marks that already exist.

BellaVei cream is formulated for all skin types. Its active ingredients work effectively and results can be noticed with few days of use.

How does BellaVei cream work?

BellaVein Cream is a four step treatment, 4 products that complement and benefit the skin. These are the procedures.

  1. Clean the face with facial cleanser.
  2. Use anti-wrinkle cream and moisturizer.
  3. Apply anti-aging complex.
  4. Apply the eye contour cream.

This treatment should be applied twice a day. It should be done in the morning upon waking up and in the night before going to bed. Take 10 minutes to take care of your face and the results will be fabulous.  Some people see results in two days, others take a little longer, this will depend on the type of skin you have.

Where to buy it?

This treatment is for sale exclusively from its website. At the time of ordering, you have access to different offers and promotions. Enter and choose the one that suits you best.

It is always better to opt for the whole kit. But if you have to choose, the eye contour cream is almost miraculous, in 15 days it eliminates wrinkles and bags under the eyes. The order can take between a week and 15 business days to arrive, so I recommend you to not waste much time before placing your order.

Is it really worth this product?

Yes, it may not be the best on the market, but it really stands out in many respects, for example: its quality / price.

This cream is composed of completely natural ingredients. What makes it very few (practically any) the chances of it having side effects on the skin. So, if you have a delicate skin, and it tends to suffer because of the creams, BellaVei is here to make you feel safe.


The BellaVei cream is among the best on the market, it is a light and fresh formula. The skin absorbs it immediately and feels the light on the skin. It is worth trying it. Its exclusive formula has an exquisite and relaxing aroma.